Customized TPC-n-Smore Campfire Rings


These customers chose to have their campground names and logos cut out of the rings. TPC designers worked closely with customers' logos to match. Notice the glow of the fire through the cutouts.

Our Square Ring

This fire ring is made square and is made completely bolted together for ease of assembly and disassembly. Each panel is held to the other panel by 2 bolts supplied with the fire ring. All TPC Cooking Accessories adapt to the square rings as well as the round ones. Standard sizes are 26" and 36" square and are priced the same way. When ordering a square ring, please ADD NOTE REQUESTING SQUARE TO ORDER.

Square Ring

Grand Daddy

WOW!! Granddaddy of 'em All

This fire ring is our GRAND DADDY of them all! It encompasses all of our options - the bottom with legs along with the Safety Rail / Foot Rest. The 'perfect ring' from The Perfect Campfire!

Wow! Look at the Size of This One!

Our customer opted for a 60” diameter ring. Notice the quantity of 16” deck blocks under this ring and the enormous amount of wood and fire they are getting.! This 60” ring is supplied in two bolt-together sections.


Added Legs and Bottom

This customer opted to add a bottom and legs to their ring. They were concerned with organic materials, on the island where they live, catching fire. We added a 3/16" thick bottom plate and 12" high legs to elevate it off the ground.

Graphics All Around

This TPC customer opted for graphics only and no words.  Notice how pressure treated lumber was used to build up an area for this TPC Campfire Ring.  After adding the pressure treated wood, pea stone and bricks were used to elevate the ring off the gound, making a perfect base for this ring.

Optional Safety Rail/Foot Rest

This customer opted for a rolled ring around the outside for a safety rail and to serve as a foot rest.  The ring is made of 1/2" round bar and is offset from the ring by 3 inches which keeps children from accidently hitting up against the side of the ring. Rolled ring is also is great for lifting the Campfire ring when cool. 

Perfect Customer Gifts

Fiready's Ambiance, a supplier of Kiln Dried firewood, purchases TPC Campfire Rings with their logo on the side as a gift to any of their customers meeting an order criteria set by them.  Fiready's campfire rings are 26" diameter and the cutouts include the Moon & Clouds and the Oak Tree.  Fiready is located in Clair, NB Canada and their website is

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